No strategic plan is complete without a solid marketing strategy to go with it. A marketing strategy translates a company’s financial goals into actionable steps to drive a company’s business (services or products).

When framed like that, it’s easy to understand how critical a marketing strategy is, not just to the business as a whole but for the effectiveness of the current strategic plan. With that in mind, here are some common marketing strategy mistakes to avoid.

No Marketing Strategy

Believe it or not, one of the biggest mistakes is simply the act of not having a marketing strategy at…

To many people, the terms leader and boss are interchangeable. However, there are significant differences between the two. Effective business owners should be looking towards leaders — not bosses — to keep the company running smoothly. Naturally, that means that they should strive to become a leader.

According to a recent study run by Robert Half, nearly half of all professions have experienced a bad boss in their career. Ultimately, for these responders, this experience resulted in their resignation.

Boss vs. Leader

There are several key differences between being a leader and being a boss. …

The debate about classroom sizes has been going on for decades — with proponents on both sides of the line. Those on the outside may be confused by this debate, but it is worth researching and understanding — especially for parents and educators.

Most people consider small classes to be more desirable — while acknowledging that larger class sizes are more affordable, especially down the line. Here are some other benefits that come with smaller class sizes.

More Attention Per Student

Teachers are amazing, and while many would regard them as superheroes — they’re only human, which means that they…

Strategic planning is an essential part of any business — even a nonprofit organization. This may sound like an intimidating prospect for a variety of reasons. Yet, it is not a step that can be overlooked.

Strategic planning allows organizations to plan ahead — not just for the following year but for any potential emergencies. If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that everyone needs an emergency plan in place.

In simple terms, all nonprofit organizations should have a process for identifying and achieving their goals. Further organization of this core concept allows for the development of a strategic plan.


As much as every manager would like to think that every one of their employees is a hard worker — the simple truth is that there will come a time when they have to deal with a lazy one. Even one employee failing to pull their weight can have a significant impact on productivity — and morale.

The problem with having a lazy employee, outside of the obvious, is that it creates a domino effect. Other employees notice the original one getting away with something, and it reduces their motivation. After all, in their minds, why should they work harder…

The world of education is constantly changing as it shifts to implement discoveries and better educate the next generation. This raises the question; what is developmentally appropriate for students today?

The term developmentally appropriate applies to the method of teaching which takes age and individual needs into account. In other words — teachers format the program to fit their students, not the other way around.

What Goes Into Defining Developmentally Appropriate

When a teacher is striving to define what is developmentally appropriate for a child or not, they must consider the child as a whole, which means that their intellect…

Every business must learn to adapt or risk falling by the wayside. Thus, it’s essential to revamp marketing strategies from time to time. Given the amount of work that can go into a marketing plan, this is an intimidating prospect. Yet, it is one that will pay off in the long run.

Changing up a marketing strategy is the best way to keep up with a growing business. As the business grows and changes, so do the plans that help to run it. With that in mind, here is some advice on how to revamp a marketing strategy.

Look to…

In today’s age, leaders are encouraged to be empathetic and full of emotional intelligence. The best leaders out there know how to express these traits, as they drive a team forward in a way that more stereotypical methods never would.

Emotional intelligence is the ability to understand and even manage one’s emotions. One can even take it a step further by working with the emotions of those around, including simply being sensitive to what others are feeling.

Anabolic Versus Catabolic Leaders

An anabolic leader leads through emotional intelligence. That is to say, they allow for control and understanding of their…

Anyone who deals with children will inevitably end up dealing with bullying. It’s essential for teachers and carers to understand the signs of bullying — and what they can do to help prevent it from happening.

Bullying has a negative impact on an educational environment, as well as leaving scars that for many will never fully heal. For these reasons and countless others, it’s crucial to do one’s best to prevent and stop bullying. Here are some ideas that can help create a safer environment for students.

Openly Talk About Bullying

It’s important to talk to students and parents alike…

Starting up a new business is intimating, no matter the scale of the company. Careful planning can help to mitigate that fear — and many of the risks. Strategic planning can help to craft the perfect business plan, regardless of the industry.

It’s essential, especially during the early stages of a business, to plan out every detail. More importantly, all of those plans should be written down and openly discussed with all involved. Naturally, there are several more factors to consider when strategic planning comes into play.

Not sure what strategic planning is? Strategic planning is the process by which…

Shaun Dallas Dance

Shaun Dallas Dance is a senior executive currently residing in Richmond, Virginia. Leader in business consultation — read more at

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